Instruments in the SOAR PROGRAM


 Portable Radiation Package (PRP)
Downwelling shortwave (PSP)
Downwelling longwave (PIR)
FRSR measures
Shortwave global, diffuse, and direct-beam at
415, 500, 615, 680, 870, and 940 nm.
Pitch, roll, compass.

 Total Sky Imager(TSI)
Whole sky images up to 1/min.
Analyzed sky ­ thick cloud, thin cloud, clear sky.
Estimated cloud fraction for each image.

 Infrared Sea Surface Skin Temperature Radiometer (ISAR)
Autonomous shipboard operation.
Self-calibrating and rain proof.
Accuracy to 0.1 C after six months operation.

 Sea Snake
Low form drag measures SST at approximately 2 cm depth.